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Screen Junkies is a YouTube channel that focuses on movies and is operated by Defy Media.  It produces three main shows: The Screen Junkies Show, hosted by Hal Rudnick, consists mostly of interviews and film discussions; Honest Trailers is a series of trailers, narrated previously by Ptolemy Slocum and Gannon Nickell, and currently by Jon Bailey, that satirizes and parodies various films and television programs; and Movie Fights is a competition series, hosted by Andy Signore, where guests debate various issues related to film.

As of May 2018, Screen Junkies has more than 6 million subscribers, and more than 2 billion video views.

Honest Trailers

Honest Trailers is a series of parody trailers of films, and occasionally TV shows, that are made to satirize the film. The videos are narrated by Jon Bailey.[2]

Created by Andy Signore and Brett Weiner and shepherded by Break Media's Head of Programming Mitch Rotter, Honest Trailers debuted in February 2012 and by June 2014 had become the source of over 300 million views on the Screen Junkies YouTube channel. The series started when the creators saw that Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace was being re-released in 3D and decided to make a parody trailer for it, continuing the series as a result of the positive reception the videos received.

The Screen Junkies Show

The Screen Junkies Show covers a variety of topics in film and television. Some episodes include interviews with actors, "supercuts" (compilations), and information and updates on movies. The Screen Junkies Show is hosted by Hal Rudnick, and was created by Andy Signore, Brett Weiner, and Mitch Rotter.

Movie Fights

Movie Fights, typically hosted by Signore, typically features debates between three other people within or outside of Screen Junkies, such as other YouTube reviewers, on various movie-related questions. This segment lasts for about an hour and a half, with the first six rounds being a roundtable debate, and the last round being a "Speed Round". Each round would begin with a question, and each contestant would have to make an argument for why their answer is best. The speed round consists of five questions, and each contestant has fifteen seconds to make a claim for their answer.

Screen Junkies Plus

During the 56th episode of Movie Fights (air date 11/8/15), new premium shows were announced to be available through or an app for a monthly fee of $4.99 with a free 3-month trial and other package options.

Screen Junkies Plus Shows

Below is a complete list of shows available on the Screen Junkies Plus subscription service.

Mundy Night Raw - Hosted by Nick Mundy and Dan Murrell

Movie Games - Hosted by Jeremy Jahns

TV Fights - Hosted by Roxy Striar

Does It Hold Up? - Hosted by Spencer Gilbert

Mega Movie Get Together - Hosted by Andre Meadows

After Credits - Hosted by How It Should Have Ended Crew

Screen Junkies Universe - Hosted by Andy Signore and Alicia Malone

F1rst and Worst - Hosted by Chris Stuckmann