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James Greenway, better known by the nickname "Scykoh," is a YouTuber and Twitch livestreamer who mostly focuses on gaming (especially PokémonSuper Mario and Banjo-Kazooie games) topics. As of June 2018, he lives in New York with his wife Chelsea (AKA Cleby or lycoriscupcake).

Main Channel (Scykoh)

James started out by making Street Fighter videos, but mostly kept to streaming in his early online career. His earliest YouTube video hit was the Top 10 Ugliest Pokémon which now has over 2,000,000 views. After a few more Pokémon videos, he started to break games and find glitches in a series he called "Glitchfest," starting with Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts. Then, on June 20, 2015, James announced a collab video with fellow glitch YouTuber A+Start, the creator of the show "Son of a Glitch". The collaboration was called "Son of a Glitchfest," and it was uploaded on July 26, 2015. After the Son of a Glitchfest collab, the Scykoh channel had a six-month hibernation. Eventually, James started creating Glitchfests and other things again, but he has made it clear that they are very difficult to make and often take a while, among other things like personal life with Chelsea and making content for his Twitch livestream and ScykohPlays. 

On July 3, 2018, to celebrate the fifth anniversary of his Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts Glitchfest (and the series as a whole), he released a part 2 to the N&B episode.

The only upcoming plans he has for the channel are for a Glitchfest for the original 1998 Banjo-Kazooie. It was hinted at the beginning of the N&B Glitchfest more than five years ago, when he mentioned that viewers undoubtedly were hoping for the original, as N&B was generally not well-recieved by fans of the series.


ScykohPlays is one of James' alternate channels, in which he makes almost-daily videos of him playing games. His earlier gameplay videos were varied and included many different types of games from platformers to minigame collections to action adventure. James has honed in on his style of Let's Play in the form of walkthrough-type videos in which he 100% completes a game. James also has different types of videos including a show called "You asked for It" where he has a game suggested to him that he will have a miniseries on in between videos of his main series. The other show is "Gaming Challenges" in which he limits his ability to perform in a game.


ScykohCrud is one of James' alternate channels. It has no specific subject, and the last thing he uploaded to it was a finale to a Pokémon card series in September 2017. On his livestream, James has made it clear that he really has no plans for the channel: "That channel doesn't have any plans ever. ScykohCrud only exists to be a place where I can make videos that have no purpose on the other two channels. It's just kind of a dumping ground for whatever. Not really any plans, just whatever happens to pop up that I'm like 'hey, I want to make this video' and it doesn't fit on ScykohPlays [or] Scykoh, I just put it on there. ... It was never really meant to be a Pokémon card channel, but that was what I happened to be doing at the time."


  • His favorite color is brown/orange.
  • His favorite video game is Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts and his second favorite is Super Mario Sunshine.
    • James is well aware of the hate that Nuts & Bolts recieves from the rest of the world. According to his Let's Play, he originally bought the game several years after its release to play as a joke on his livestream, for he expected to despise the game as well. However, he quickly came to believe that it is a fantastic game and has a lot of potential if one looks beyond the departure from traditional platforming.
    • He owned the speedrunning world record for Nuts & Bolts from February 14, 2014, until September 6, 2016, when someone else claimed the title (who since has been beaten himself, putting James' run in 3rd place).
      • As of May 2018, James is training to speedrun the game again.