Bryan Smithee, known as Seinfeldspitstain, is an animator on YouTube known for his bizarre, poorly made animation videos which are in 3D. He is most famous for Jimmy Neutron Happy Family Happy Hour, which has exceeded 12.4 million views as of 2017.


Starting in early 2013, Seinfeldspitstain began releasing videos, the first of which was his "Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff" series, "rip", and "BEE MOVIE". Most of his videos were met with lukewarm success. His first mainstream breakthrough was "Super Smash Bros. Universe - E3 2013 Trailer", which was released just moments prior to the official Super Smash Bros. 4 trailer. The fake trailer was even featured on Kotaku; a video game-oriented news site. In response, Seinfeldspitstain changed the description of the video to "kotaku is scum".

Seinfeldspitstain gained even more fame upon uploading "Jimmy Neutron Happy Family Happy Hour". The video gained 1.27 million views 3 months after its release. The video became notorious for its animation and memorable quotes, such as "the pizza is aggressive" and "bond with me, Jimmy". As a result of its popularity, the video spawned many remixes, recreations, and reaction videos.

Inactivity and Possible Return

On September 20, 2014, Seinfeldspitstain uploaded a video titled "Creation". The video features references to all of his past videos and series, including Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff, Hugh (from Hugh Rotation), Jimmy Neutron, Gregory’s Room, and the strange collection of skeleton's from "Sunday Drive". The second half of the video features a gray man, assumed to represent Seinfeldspitstain himself, at a desktop surrounded by Pixar rejection letters and faild Nick Jr. pilots. A message appears on his screen that says "quit while you're ahead" and the gray man is comically carried away by Hugh Neutron. It is speculated that this is Bryan's last video for the Seinfeldspitstain project, but there has been no official conformation to his retirement or return.

In June 2016, YouTuber AggyPlays attempted to contact Seinfeldspitstain via email, inquiring about his abrupt departure from YouTube in 2014. She later received a response , saying "I really do appreciate your concerns but I'm fine. Just taking a break from making videos. I may come back. But thanks for caring :)", opening up the possibility of Seinfeldspitstain returning. However, she suggested that it could have been a fan, as it hasn't been confirmed that that was his Gmail.

In July 2016, a YouTube channel named "CreationIsNotTheEnding" was created. The person behind the channel is thought to be Seinfeldspitstain. Several short, cryptic videos have been uploaded by the channel, suggesting that Seinfeldspitstain will return.