Seri pexel biologist is a YouTuber with 143,000 subs

Seri pexel biologist 29 year old gaming YouTuber wjo also has vlogs called  "community vlogs" 

Seri plays video games like: 

Sims 2,3,and 4 warrior cats the  untold tales and  much more Seri has a lot of goldian finches in her home 

seri Has a a second channel called seri,s greenhouse which is all about  wildlife in her area seri,s most popular series are the sims 3 warrior cats and zoo crafting In fact wbe  people were shipping two cats together in that series that when one of the cats chose a different cat  Seri got death treats making her nearly quit the series seri also got threats when she played and liked a game called no man's sky she quit the series after that 

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