Seri Greene (born March 26, 1988[age 29]) is a kid-friendly Gaming Youtuber, Vlogger, and a biologist in-training. She loves to spread her joy and love of the natural world through video games!

She is known to play various games such as The Sims, Minecraft, Niche, Spore, Zoo Tycoon, etc. In her gaming channel, Seri! Pixel Biologist!. She also has a vlog channel, Seri's Greenhouse, where she shows us her Adventures, highlights animals in her series, "Specimen Spotlight", and does Ramble Vlogs occasionally. Her most viewed video is "A Forest-Touched Wild Cat 🌿 Warrior Cats Sims 3 Legacy - Episode #1" with over 544,365 views.

She is currently living in Michigan, USA, with her boyfriend "Chips".


Seri was an environmental educator working as a teacher several years ago. As she loved to spread her love of the natural world, she enjoyed teaching curious minds about nature. around December 27, 2012, she made her YouTube channel, at the time named "serisims". Around Feb 17, 2013, she made her first video, "Seri Sims! Episode One - Introducing Ledesia!".

Zoo Crafting

Zoo Crafting is one of the most popular series of her channel. The first episode of Zoo crafting, "Our Zoo Building Dreams Begin!! Zoo Crafting: Episode #1" is her second most viewed video. Zoo Crafting is a modded minecraft series of her building a zoo, and her teaching us, her 'classroom', facts about snakes, lions, giraffes, etc.

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