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Adam Johnson, better known online as Sernandoe, was a gaming and comedic YouTuber. He was primarily known for 'clickbating' which is a term used to describe altering a video's thumbnail and/or title to make it more interesting. This can unfortunently lead to videos not being true to their title and/or thumbail. Sernandoe resides in Darlington, U.S.A. His neighbor is Jack Vickers and Curtis Stonehouse remains being a large friend of his.

Controversial & Criticism

Similarly to LispyJimmy, Sernandoe contributed to clickbaiting. He has been caught lying to his viewers and scamming them into watching his videos. Many examples include his gift cards and giveaways. None of these giveaways were proven to have been distributed out to anyone.

One of the biggest controversies Sernandoe has caused was when he stated he had Grand Theft Auto 6 and Red Dead Redemption 2. The root cause of these statements was to help his videos spread out and ultimately to gain more views and subscribers. This caused many gamers to point him out as a fraud and that Rockstar had never made such games as of that time. YouTube channels such as Greatness TV, Raggedy Dan and Legacy Kill have made videos to show the gaming community how these do not exist and why Sernandoe was doing this.

Claiming to own something from another company that said product does not exist is against the law and holds fines and possible prison time depending on the company's earnings and their own attorneys.

In late October of 2017, Sernandoe had become inactive, only to return back to clickbaiting many of his videos in November. He made a video to "apologize" for his lies, but goes on to lie more about his clickbaiting ways and stating Rockstar "gave" him several games, which was also dubbed false and untruthful.

Another large controversy was his '48 hours' video. He made a video entitled "48 hours and I will delete this video" which as of December 2017 was still up and viewable. Angering many in the community, it was believed that the mass-flagging of this video was one of the causes for his termination.

His new channel, 1Sernandoe currently is uploading the same scamming and clickbait videos in hopes of earning more money from views and subs.


Sernandoe had his channel terminated back in May, 2015. But he returned a month later (June, 2015). He only had 400,000 subscribers at this time. And on January 9, 2018, Sernandoe was terminated again and many people has made videos about his termination, and most of those people were happy about it due to Sernandoe's clickbait and misleading content. He did have 2,700,000 subscribers. However, Sernandoe has been reinstated on March 7, 2018. He did lose nearly 50,000 subscribers and lost his search ranking.