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Sernandoe (aka The Human Thumb/cancer cell) uploads videos of 'GTA 6 Stuff,' and sometimes 'GTA 6.' He uploads 6-6 videos every day. He has been nicknamed the worst clickbaiter/cancer in Youtube history.

Controversial and criticism

Just like LispyJimmy Sernandoe does clickbait and is a cancer cell. 'Nuff said. He has lied to his viewers and scams them into watching his videos, examples such as gift cards and giveaways not being made valid or true as so he may gain subs. Sernandoe will drag out videos to open up the possibilty of ads, these ads are then watched by his viewers to earn money from them. As of lately he has turned to stealing videos and news footage as a possible revenue of clickbait causing backlash from the owners of the videos. The biggest controversy Sernandoe has caused was by stating he had Grand Theft Auto 6 and Red Dead Redemption 2 in order to as before gain more views and subs for his channel. This caused many gamers to point out him as a fraud and that Rockstar has never ever even made such games as of October 2017 just yet. Youtubers such as Greatness TV, Raggedy Dan and Legacy Kill have made videos to show the gaming communities why these do not exist and why Sernandoe is doing this. Claiming to own something from another company that said product does not exist is against the law and holds fines and possible prison time depending on the company's earnings and their own attorneys. As of late October 2017 Sernandoe has became inactive.

Sernandoe has made a video entitled "48 hours and I will delete this video" which as of October 2017 is still posted up and has not been taken down as of yet.

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