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Eric Fournier (September 9, 1967 – February 25, 2010) known on YouTube as ShayeSaintJohn, was a director that created the Shaye Saint John videos.

The start

His first videos where not uploaded on youtube, it was way before youtube was made. The first known video he made is called "The Doll" created in 1999. Then in 2000 Carl Crew discovered Eric and worked with hes company wesselmania till 2010. Finally in 2001 he created hes website

Youtube years

In 2006 he created his YouTube channel. The channel was an instant success because of the disturbing videos, and so creating some of the first "creepy videos" on YouTube, He stopped uploading to youtube in 2008 because he said that he was gonna work on bigger projects such as music (Featuring ShayeSaintJohn) and his old band that he used to create music with.

His death

After a lot of years of having a lot of health issues with alcohol on February 25, 2010 he died of internal bleeding, and was later posted on social media by Carl Crew and some close friends.

In the future an kickstarter that was open some years ago, so they can create a full length documentation of Eric and his life.

Later on October 31, 2016 Shaye and Eric was published to the publics eye

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