Hello there, My name is Shima...


Shima Luan is an American female YouTuber who works for Danger Dolan, a countdown list Australian YouTuber. She is the second master of Planet Dolan. She also collides with Hellbent and Melissa, who also work for Planet Dolan. Shima does not reveal her face, but instead has a pink feline cat as her avatar.

Super Planet Dolan

Super Planet Dolan is the animation channel of Planet Dolan. It currently has 5,454,115 and raising subscribers. Shima is the most active character on the channel. In common Super Planet Dolan videos, Shima points out true facts while Dolan points out false facts in Q&A. They do this to make education fun.


Danger Dolan had announced on September 25 that for some unknown reason, Shima Luan has disappeared from the Planet Dolan crew. Nobody knows for sure what's become of her, but Danger Dolan confirmed that she was safe last time he had seen her. Planet Dolan fans theorize that Shima's computer may have broken, losing contact with Dolan. Some think she might've quit cause of R34 fan art of her character, and some worry that she might be either deceased, severely ill, or in jail.  So until Dolan can finally get back with her, Shima won't be on any Planet Dolan nor Super Planet Dolan videos, and new members of the Planet Dolan crew like Melissa and Doopie DoOver will cover for her. One theory a fan had was that if the crew knows she's safe, they should know where she is. The theory explains that something terrible had happened and the crew wants to hide it or the crew actually doesn't know and wants the fans to calm down. On the bright side, it looks like Shima has problems with life. According to a lot of people, she is indeed appearing on steam playing games.We're pretty sure Shima is okay. If she was dead, a body would have been found or so. We have no idea what has happened. If she even is ok, maybe she needs a break from Planet Dolan / hiatus.

Clearing Up

Shima's last encounter was while playing Minecraft on a community server just over 7 months ago, on the 13th of October, 2016, confirming she left not due to a broken PC, but by her own accord. This was confirmed personally. On October 28th, in one of Danger Dolan's QnA streams on Super Planet Dolan, Dolan had announced that he believes that Shima hadn't stopped communicating them that instead she stopped using the internet altogether for personal reasons, again calming the fans down that nothing had happened to Shima as her absence was intentional and not accidental. She is very much safe.