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Chris Schewe (born 1969) is a Youtube vlogger that makes challanges everyday.

The Start

Chris Schewe's kid started his YouTube channel in 2008 for hes dad, on this times Chris Schewe did not know what Youtube was, so he did normal videos, but when some friends saw him on Youtube, they told him to upload things he did what he did on High School, and so he did, he uploaded eating a paper on Facebook and later to Youtube, having instantly 40 views, making Chris more determined.


On 2012, allready having a fair amount of Subscribers, got a huge boost when he was feautured in a lot of shows that year like World Dumbest, ToshO etc. Making him very succesful in that year and the next year.


  • "Shoenice"
  • "Well basicly"
  • "Bye, bye"
  • "Hello everyone, Shoenice again"
  • "But either way"

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