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Hi guys welcome to my video, my name is Shon and still

I love you, well, no homo!


Vlogger MaleIcon YouTuber

Sean Saoirse L. Liesanggoro (Born December 4, 2000), known on YouTube as shon or thehshonshows , is a 14-year old Indonesian YouTube vlogger, prankster and gamer who currently resides in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He currently has 500 hundred subscribers. His schedule is usually a video every Sunday, but this is REALLY flexible. Sean has a second channel, named "dailyshon ", where he uploads daily vlogs.

Some of his friends in his school are also youtubers, they're djagik a.k.a Agik (is a professional DJ), Ken (Ken and Shon also have a channel named "ShonAndKen AreIdiots" the channel is pretty much the same with Shon's channel ), "Yhons " a.k.a Yohannes (an Unboxer dude) but Shon claimed that he is the FIRST youtuber in his school.

Early life

Sean was born on the 4th of December, 2000 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He graduated from SD Tarakanita Bumijo Yogyakarta in 2013. And he's now a Student of SMP Stella Duce 1 Yogyakarta. 


His videos are Vlogs Pranks and Gaming videos. His upload schedule is Vlogs, Pranks, Gaming and then back to Vlogs. But sometimes he has too much 'fun' on prank videos, so sometimes he uploads prank videos three times in a row (in 3 weeks). This is because his schedule is flexible and he's a student so it's hard to upload every same day every week. And from his video on his old channel named "25 Facts About Me" he said he's a Muslim which is pretty surprising to his fans and Shon already changed the view about Islam is terrorist. He also said Islam is a religion that followed by normal people just like Jewish, Christian and all the religions which its followers can make videos on YouTube too!

Moving Channel

Shon is moving channel from to , he joined YouTube on 13 April 2014. In his first video playing happy wheels until his last video "The Youtuber Impressions" he's still on his old channel. And then his old channel officially was shut down on 23 October 2014 and his new channel officially established on 25 October 2014 with his video titled "Welcome To My Channel and My Old Video Compilation! | Shon Does Vlogs" From its description he said "This is actually just welcoming home you and just want to tell you WHY i moved channel. Thx! x"

Based on his video, he moved channel because 2 reasons. His first reason is he has a problem with his google adsense which made his channel had a problem too. His second reason is he won't to have the username MultiGTAL because for him it doesn't have anything to do with his channel. It doesn't make any sense he said.

Outside YouTube

He is a junior high school student. To be more precise he's an eight grader student. He absolutely loves to make videos and his another hobby is learning foreign languages. Not like another people in his age, he already speaks 6 languages included his mother language (Indonesian, Javanese, English, Russian, Swedish, and Estonian). Shon is aslo a web coder (HTML and PHP) & he's a software developer which based on Visual Basic too. Shon is a future pilot he said. He has more than 100 hours on flight simulator. He also said flying aircrafts on flight simulator for him is such a fun game and also some challenging experience.  And then he said he really enjoyed them because it's more fun than studying math. He said he's a terrible guy in math. Shon never reached more than B or 8 in math tests. He also liked to play with his 5-year old male cat Oli White a.k.a Pussycat.

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