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Louise Jones, otherwise known by her internet alias of Shortiebread is a 16-year-old vlogger from Essex, England.


Louise opened up her YouTube channel under the name Shortiebread (which Louise has confirmed is a pun on her own height) in mid-2011, where she uploaded regular vlogs about her own daily life. In August 2012, Louise made a video explaining that in the past, she had regularly given up on YouTube due to bullying she received at school for it, however Shortiebread is the longest channel she has stuck with, and that she's not going to give up. Her videos range from quick vlogs, to discussions about a certain topic, to comedy sketches. In mid-2013, Louise gained the support of YouTuber Mattg124, opening up her opportunities on the site. In addition to that, in late 2013, Louise branched friendships with YouTubers such as Jason, Luke Cutforth, and Drew Gilchrist, which all have helped her channel spread more into the community. Her most popular vlog Being Found Out is the video in which she explains her past worries of her school friends finding her channel. Louise has appeared in collaborations with fellow YouTubers such as Kati from TheKatiTube, Geo from geometricelectric, and Quinn from RedBlueQuinn.