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Silentwulf (Eric Ogden) started publishing videos online starting back in 2005, with the premiere of Funny Faces. His earlier worked is known for it's incredibly diverse, fast, and random nature. Funny Faces as a series alone, has garnered over 1 million views, with 8 films in the mini-series. Funny Faces 6 was reported to be the final in the series, before a petition was started by fans, gaining over 200 signatures. The sequel would not appear until several years after it's original announcement, and was released to much acclaim from fans and new viewers alike.

Some of his most famous films include; We Like Acid, Indoor Golfing, The Printer Rant, Insanity (series), The Real Strawberries, and Fish Love. His style of comedy has at times been considered dark, and at times taboo. In recent years, he has focused more on producing two new sets of films, 20 Things You Should Never Say, and Silentwulf Thrift.

Silentwulf Thrift

A new series, Silentwulf Thrift, was conceived in 2011. The show's original focus would be on unusual software titles, hardware, and video releases. The show premiered with an episode focusing on 8-Track cassette tapes. In 2012, the show was re-constructed to focus more on gaming, and computer hardware. The aim being PC gaming and software, obscure console titles, and so on. Silentwulf has stated his intentions of producing the show in a season format, common with most television programming. Unlike his previous work, this show relies more on scripted dialogue, as opposed to improv, which was a common keystone in his earlier work.

It was revealed that the first season of the show will span a total of 10 episodes, with the finale aiming for the late Summer. Silentwulf confirmed a second season will start production in the fall, and aim for "20+ episodes".

20 Things You Should Never Say

This series focuses on a countdown format, on various things you should say to certain groups, people, or fandoms. The series is aimed to be satirical. Various targets include gamers, bronies, furries, and more.


Titlecard for "The Lie", the second episode for Silentwulf Thrift.