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SillyLixLily is an unknown female YouTuber who records herself eating various foods.


SillyLilxLily uploaded her first YouTube video on 23 July 2012, in which she ate strawberries. That video did not boost her popularity, but then she made another video in 3 Aug 2012, where she ate noodles. The video of her eating noodles has over 100,000+ views. Because of her depression, SillyLilxLily stopped making videos. In every of her videos, she has the camera recording in a way that prevents you from seeing her full face, just her lips & nose.


Eating Potato Chips17:03

Eating Potato Chips

Eating Macaroni and Cheese15:01

Eating Macaroni and Cheese

Eating Hot Dogs13:49

Eating Hot Dogs

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