Simone Altrocchi (born November 7, 1995 (1995-11-07) [age 21]), born in Bergamo, Italy, is an Italian radio show host, sports commentator and videomaker. Active on YouTube.


In his youth, he fell in love with american sports.

A Basketball player since first grade, was selected to play for the Italian youth national team at 16. Has a Judo an JiuJitsu background

Instead of starting a YouTube channel, Simone started hosting radio shows at 14. At the age of 19, he quit his local radio to pursue a solo career in videomaking and sports commentary.

In April of 2016, he started announcing on his channel WWE videos in Italian of Raw and Smackdown, for the audience of Italy. WWE allowed him to do so by monetizing on his videos and by accepting the Fair Use rule.

As of July 2016 the channel hit 3.000.000 views, setting a Record in Italy.

Meanwhile, Simone gained popularity on his sports related Channel, featuring storytelling and sports commentary of events like FIBA basketball games.

In October 2016, WWE deleted more than 700 videos with Simone's commentary, for internal conflicts with the italian television who showed WWE, making them lose ratings.

After many protests made by his fans and solidarity shown by Italian Wrestlers and personalities, that have been close to him and showed him support with the hashtag #IoStoConSimone, Altrocchi declares that he won't stop and he'll start bring new contents on his channel.

In spring 2017, Altrocchi becomes the Italian FIBA3x3 commentator quitting the production of all Wrestling related videos and focusing on a more mature, journalistic approach to the sports world. Meanwhile, his coverages of the McGregor-Mayweather fight and of the last race of Usain Bolt are the most seen in Italy, and on YouTube. In the Summer of 2017, Simone creates and hosts, along with musician and sports enthusiast Marco Fugatti, a new video podcast, called PRIMETIME, premiering on YouTube and reaching 30th Place on the Italian iTunes chart.

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