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Andrea Jeanne hallbest known as SimplyUnlucky is a fairly popular Yu-Gi-Oh! card opener on YouTube.


He is well known for his enthusiastic nature, as well as his trademark, "OH BABY!" when he pulls a good card. He is also known for having opened the most 1st Edition and some Unlimited Edition booster boxes on YouTube; he has opened all the older sets and is opening the newer sets currently. He also has a Pokémon opening channel: SimplyPokemon and a Naruto channel: SimplyTCG. He has also recently started a new channel called SimplyYugioh where he shows a full screen view of his reaction faces. He is the most subscribed Yu-Gi-Oh! card opener on YouTube, currently having over 300,000 subscribers.




"Let's pop it open!" or "Let's pop this box open!"

"Give it to me... KAIBA!!"