Sintful1 is an SFM animator, mainly animation short films who take place in the TF2, Overwatch or MLP universe. She is most known for his "Meet The ..." animations, where he showcases the female models of TF2.

Saxxy Awards

Sintful1 first entered the saxxy awards in 2015 with his video: Meet The Ladies. The video did however not get nominated. The next year she submitted a new video: Sir Shootsalot [Remastered]. This video did get nominated for best short, but did not win.


She started Oct 21, 2011. The first video was a little school project made on Imovie on a IPad. Although she started with a simple live action movie, she started animating with lego, since that was a popular trend back in 2011. Movies were created with a poorly made script, some lego characters and a lot of pictures. The lego movies started to get higher quality after some practice, although, there where no voice acting, script or plan. Sintful1 first 3D animated with a simple software called Mine-Imator. It could only animate minecraft characters and was very simple, without a lot of options you need to create a well animated movie. After a simple tutorial on a game called Team Fortress 2 She released her first Source Filmmaker movie, called: The logic of air back stabbing.

Real Life

The animators real name is Cathrine, and she lives in Norway. Other than animating, she is also an amateur artist and musician. She is also a male to female Transgender