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SirRonLionHeart is a YouTube Let's Player who created his channel back in 2007.  He's known for his extremely random and spontaneous commentary, as well as a gruff voice, which featured him on Retsuprae several years ago.  He is currently on hiatus, as his last video was made a year ago, but he has made no video or comment about quitting Let's Playing at all.  


Back in 2007 Ron created his channel, during the early days of Let's Plays.  His first Let's Play was Super Mario 64, and back then he had fairly normal commentary among Let's Players, but as the Let's Play progressed he slowly made his own style of commentary, which he kept to this day, and is most well known for, (for better or for worse depending on who you ask), today.  This caused Retsuprae to commentate on one of the videos he made for Super Kaizo Mario World several years ago.  


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