How we doing fellas?



Elijah Best, (Born 29th April, 1998 [aged 19]) known on YouTube as Sketch is a YouTuber from Massachusetts who creates videos based on the game Roblox. Other than roblox, he creates videos on dares, Q&As, and many more. He is also apart of the collaboration channel, The Pals. He has a twin brother, Ethan Best, who edits his videos for him. His current channel name was Sketch - Roblox and More! but later changed his channel name to Sketch when his channel was verified.

His mascot is a virtual dinosaur name Frank Sinatra. 


He was formally known as Sk3tch and was apart of the channel Sub and Sk3tch (now revamped to The Pals) where they created minecraft animations. Later on, he left the channel for a few years and came back. He then created a channel when he returned.


  • Denis
  • Corl
  • Alex
  • Sub
  • Fletch/Flebsy
  • Bandi

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