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Slamacow's Youtube Profile
Profile: SlamacowCreations
Twitter: @Slamacow
Facebook: N/A
Style: Minecraft Animation
Date Joined: October 20, 2011
Date Shut Down: N/A
Subscribers: 1.6 Million+*
Videos: 40+
Schedule: Unknown
Status: active

Steven Davis known on YouTube as SlamacowCreations, or simply, Slamacow, is one of the most popular Minecraft animators on Youtube. Steven got his name from Adventure Time when Finn shouted out "Slamacow!" Him and his brother thought that was a really funny word. That is also why Steven's old Minecraft Skin was Fin but he recently changed it to a resemblence of himself irl. Steven has made serveral hit animations, including three music videos. Two of which being a music video for a song by Laura Shigihara and another one being a Minecraft parody of "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong. This was sang by Brad Knauber. All of these videos have got over 25,000,000 views combined.


-Slamacow Shorts

Steven has uploaded a handful of animations which he dubs as shorts. They are usually side projects that he uploads when he is working on long animations so his fans don't get bored. Most of these videos are around 10 seconds to 2 minutes long.


Steven has uploaded a minecraft prarody named "Cube Land." The video has surpassed 15 million views. It is well known to be extremely touching - for a minecraft song, that is.

Cube Land:

Animation characters


Dave is a character who often appears in Steven's animations. He is a zombie who usually wears a white shirt that is torn and has multiple bloodstains. Dave is thought to be a zombie that doesn't burn in the day.


Bart is an enderman wearing a purple amulet who is thought to work as the bartender at the Mob Saloon, an underground hangout for mobs. He is also thought to be Dave's partner. He is the main character in Slamacow's series, Endertainment.


Eddy is a villager wearing a red shirt and a white labcoat. He is thought to work in office buildings and places involving computers, as he is mainly seen with a computer.

Slamacow Steven

Steven has made a second channel called "SlamacowSteven" On this channel, Slamacow uploads tutorials, behind the scenes, lets plays, updates, and other random animations. Steven does not commonly upload to this channel.

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