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Max Gleason (born February 2, 1971 (1971-02-02) [age 47]), better known by his user name Smooth McGroove, is a YouTube musician, known for creating A Capella versions of various video game songs. As of January 2015, his channel has over 1.2 million subscribers and over 159 million total video views.


Smooth McGroove's music consists of A Capella versions of video game music, primarily retro or vintage games such as Super Mario World or The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. However, he has also done song parodies and A Capella versions of recent video game music, such as Super Smash Bros. 4. In his videos, McGroove will play around 8-10 videos of himself at the same time in order to create the music.

As of July 2015, McGroove has released six albums of his music, which are labeled VGM Acapella Vol. [album number].

While originally working off of a weekly schedule, McGroove has decided to move away from this, citing that it has hindered him from taking other opportunities, such as working with other musicians or companies.

Personal life

McGroove lives in Yukon, Oklahoma, with his wife and pet cat, Charl. While he states that his channel is meant to be a hobby, he is open to potentially making a career out of it.