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Soda Tasting was created on July 6, 2012 and was created for Patrick O' Keefe, a passionate soda taster, to upload videos of soda reviews and blind taste tests. The first video was uploaded to the channel on September 21st 2012 and he now has over 6k+ subscribers. On September 21st 2013, Patrick stopped hosting the show and cancelled it to move on. The show will not get a new host or be revived.


The Channel is all about Patrick O' Keefe and his love for different types of soft drinks. He reviews them and sometimes make blind taste tests of them.


  • Patrick's favorite soda is Coca-Cola Cherry.
  • Patrick hosts online communities.
  • He is also an author.
  • Coincidentally, the show ended September 21st, the same date when it started.
    • Patrick said that it was not intentional
  • The show will not get a new host or be revived, according to Patrick.
  • Patrick only swallows a little bit of the soda when tasting, he spits out the rest.
  • He has planned to do something else with the channel, since he does not drink soda anymore.
  • He had the idea of the show in 2006.