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Somewhat Awesome Films is YouTube Channel founded in 2012 by Rob Hardy and Jarrad Cody. They specialise in Online Film and Media primarily in the video game market. They believe strongly in the future and potential of online media and so have focused on monetized YouTube videos to promote not only ourselves but third party games and companies

Game Coverage

Somewhat Awesome Films covers video games online. They believe that with today’s sparse access to the internet it is usual practice for gamers to quickly search for solutions to a games problem online when they get stuck. This is where Somewhat Awesome Films, via its SWAFEntertainment YouTube Channel comes into play, helping gamers solve difficult parts of the games in order to enjoy it more when their patience may run thin. And lets face it, frustration in a game can quickly lead to dislike for that game. Covering games this way online, however, can also be a big benefit to the game distributors who are willing to provide games to us to cover. This is because of the exposure these games get with Somewhat Awesome Films followers and subscribers. When we cover your games, subscribers and followers will see this and regularly view these videos to see if the game is enjoyable and worth purchasing. Our commentary over games is instructional as well as helping build a larger community following of gamers of all experience levels. So their goal is to get more people following us, so they can then learn about your games.

Movie Coverage

Somewhat Awesome Films also has its hands in Movie Reviews. the reviews are published not only on YouTube and their website but also on several third party sites. They love films so much they decided they wanted to make their own, which they believe gives them a true insight into the effort and image system of a film we watch at the cinema.