Sparten is a Commentator that mostly covers Cringe Videos. He joined YouTube in 2013 and does videos such as, Life Story's, React-Commentary's, Memes, and sometimes Funny Moments. He Currently Owns Another YouTube Channel Named TheTheorizingDead.

First Channel

When Sparten first started to make YouTube Videos His Name Was Sparten Gaming and He Produced Generic Minecraft, Roblox and Five Nights At Freddy's Videos. After Seven Months of Making this Type Of Content, Sparten Gaming Had Hit Over 100 Subscribers and He Had Done a Face Reveal On Dec 31, 2015. After that, Sparten Gaming Had Started to upload Funny Moments and React-Commentary's, As His Channel started to grow, hitting 200 in just 1 month after He hit 100 He Decided To Change his Name To Sparten to make His Channel Look More professional. The Last Video That He Uploaded on this Channel Was Titled "SCAMMED ON ROBLOX" Which was later Re-Uploaded on his New Channel.

Current Commentary Channel

A Few Weeks After Sparten Offered a Channel by his Friend Jabba because he did not want that Channel anymore. Sparten Accepted the Offer the Channel and now He has over One Thousand Subscribers and Posts Life Story's, Reaction-Commentary's and Memes Every Week.


Current Commentary Channel First Channel