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Profile: Speedyw03
Twitter: @KYR_SP33DY
Facebook: KYRSP33DY
Other Media: Merch
Style: Gaming
Date Joined: June 11, 2006
Date Shut Down: N/A
Subscribers: 6.4 Million+*
Videos: 1,300+
Schedule: 1 Video Daily
Status: Active
Channel Trailer
GTA 5 PC Funny Moments! - Muggers and Mercenaries!10:04

GTA 5 PC Funny Moments! - Muggers and Mercenaries!

Most Viewed Video
GTA 5 Funny and Random Gameplay Moments! - Jump Spots, Cheats, and Fails! (GTA V Gameplay)04:08

GTA 5 Funny and Random Gameplay Moments! - Jump Spots, Cheats, and Fails! (GTA V Gameplay)

Speedyw03 or KYR SP33DY (real name is Lucas Speed Eichhorn Watson) is an American gaming YouTuber from Pennsylvania, USA, most well know for his humourous Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty videos. His channel has over 6 Million subscribers. Speedy also has a second channel where his main content is Minecraft which has just reached 2 million subscribers. On this channel he is well know for his CrewCraft series where he and a group of friends, also YouTubers, mess about and build things.

Speedy's channel became big due to many of his COD: Modern Warfare 3 and COD: Black Ops 2 Videos where he did his famous series, Camper Justice and various other trolling pranks and general lobby banter. His most popular was his Ninja Defuse montages back in 2012 which got his channel to the top.

Speedy and his internet friends are fairly famous on youtube and dub themselves 'The Crew'. They activated their own Minecraft server in 2013 with the ip:

The Crew consists of 8 friends, all youtubers who met on the internet and regularly play GTA, Call Of Duty and Minecraft together. The main figure heads of the group are KYR SP33DY (6 mil subs), JahovasWitniss (1.5 mil), NobodyEpic (1.3 mil) and The Deluxe 4 (1.4 mil). With other group members being SideArms4Reason ( 860k ), Deluxe2O ( 643k ), ShadowBeatz ( 600k )and TheG18/G18SprayAndPray ( 576k ). They had previous members of MsHeartAttack, Str8Mario and LEGIQN.

Their content for all of their videos are fairly similar but all are humourous and full of jokes, they are not people you should take too seriously.

Speedy himself has been a member of Youtube since 2006 and has shown his face on some occasions, his first being for his 1 Million Subscriber Special. Since then he went on to show himself again in a Basketball 'Dunking Video' for his 2 Million Subscriber Special and in various vlogs of Jahova's and NobodyEpic's channels, courtesy of them being invited to game preview events around America.

Speedy's group of friends is similar to that of VanossGaming's (10 Mill subs). Who have a similar group of friends consisting of H2ODelirious, I AM WILDCAT and a few others.

Speedy has done few collaborations with people out of The Crew but those he has done videos with include FIFA gamer, KSIOlaidjeBT and has had a lot of involvment with BdoubleO100, them two being SpeedDoubleO and during the early days of his channel, StraightUpKnives whom he did Call of Duty clips with. He has done videos with Vanoss in the past as well.

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