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David Axel Cazares Casanova (born 23 October 1990 (1990-10-23) [age 27]), known by his YouTube username Sr Pelo, is a Mexican YouTuber and animator known for his animated parodies of video games such as Team Fortress 2Super Mario and Undertale, as well as the parody series Mokey's Show.


He started posting videos in 2011. The very first video he posted was about rage comics, animations, and some other things. His first success on YouTube was when he started posting his first series, "(actor) is... , (for example Michael Jackson is...)" where he started to gain a little attraction by some people on the site, then he created his most popular series by date, which is "Mockey'. It's a parody of Mickey and his friends, gaining him more than 500,000 views in each video.


His most viewed video is Underpants (a parody of the video game Undertale). It has over 5 million views and the rest of the series has an average of 1 million views.


Sr Pelo's face


  • He makes some Latin animations too but all his channel is centered on English.
  • His original name on YouTube was 123Pendejos, in English that means 123Fuckers. He later changed it to Sr Pelo, which comes to the nickname he had in high school, "Pelo Conchela", which means "Pussy Hair"[1].
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