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Ćao Svima

―Srpski Tutorijali

Aleksandar Leštarić October 25, 1989 (1989-10-25) [age 28]) (mostly known as his nickname Cile or his YouTube account called Srpski Tutorijali is a Serbian Youtuber from Pančevo. He mostly records tutorials. He has a girlfriend mostly knowed as: Kovalska or her real name Milica Perić.


Aleksandar started on YouTube in 2011, His first video is called: How to download windows 7. At the start Aleksandar never showed his face. In December 28, 2012, He made his first video with a facecam, He was talking about problems with money. Sometimes he records gameplays, But he mostly makes: Vlogs or Tutorials. His first livestream was with his friend Boris Wick. He becomed a lot popular when he started making videos with Yasserstain. Their first video is on Yasserstain's channel. Then they becomed so good partners that they started making meetings in real life with their fans. And then they started to call much more known YouTubers from Serbia as: Mudja, SerbianGamesBL, FullTV, PCAXE and his girlfriend Kovalska. Aleksandar has more 2 YouTube Accounts called: Debeli ali srecni, where he cooks (Joinded 2013) and ST Gaming where he makes gameplays (Joinded 2015).