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Joseph Garrett (born December 13, 1990), known as Stampy, is a popular British Minecraft YouTuber that makes Minecraft Let's Plays meant for an audience of kids. His original channel was Stampylongnose. In 2012 he switched to Stampylonghead, but prefers to be called Stampy. Stampylonghead was created on July 29, 2011 as a side-channel for his vlogs and console gameplay channel. The first time, and for a while the only series of videos he uploaded to his channel were Minecraft videos set in his world Stampy's Lovely World.

Stampy's birthday has been mentioned in a video before and iBallisticSquid also mentioned in a video of his "Crazy Craft" videos that he was celebrating his birthday; Garrett's birthday is on the 13th of December. His Facebook and Twitter are above but as of yet, he doesn't have Instagram, his fans say they hope he will get it in the near future.

IBallisticSquid (commonly referred to as Squid) is one of Stampy's best friends and makes videos with him like; Quest To Have... , Challenges, Crazy Craft, Pixelmon, Race to the Moon, Adventure Maps, ect.

Sqaishey Quack (Sqaishey) is Another one of Stampy's best friends. Many people believe Sqaishey is Stampy's girlfriend, although it has never been officially said. Stampy collaborates with Sqaishey in many video's like; Sky Den, Cave Den, Super Happy Fun Time, Super Mario Maker, ect.

Other then Minecraft, he uploads a different variety of console games such as; Doki-Doki Universe, Disney Infinity, Terraria, Broken Age, Rain, Papa & Yo, The Unfinished Swan, The Walking Dead, Deus Ex, Shadow of the Colossus, Spelunky, Slender, ICO, and Journey. However, most of these videos are no longer uploaded weekly, Stamps only uploads Minecraft, Terraria, The Sims 4, Disney Infinity, Broken Age: Act 2, Super Mario Maker, Kings Quest and Skylanders: Trap Team videos now.


Stampy's popular Minecraft skin.

Stampylonghead is one of the fastest growing YouTube channels in any type of genre, In 2014 his channel reached 3 million subscribers, with an additional 1 million in 2015, and right now he has over 6 million subscribers. As of 2012, "Stampy" was on the top 10 of the most trending YouTube channels. Also when Stampy's youtube got taken down the #savestampy was in the top ten most commonly used hashtags list on twitter!

His most famous series are his Lets Play videos of the Minecraft Xbox 360, specifically his series "Lovely World". He has lots of Minecraft helpers like; L for Leeeeee , iBallisticSquid, Daisy, Rosie, Chloe, Sqaishey, Amy Lee, Netty, Finnball, Longbow, Longshot etc.

He also plays hunger games with lots of different people who appear in his videos. These appearances are done regularly and happen often in new videos each week. Stampy releases a new video each day.

Stampy's Lovely World, in Minecraft Xbox, is what he usually plays in Minecraft Xbox with (for the majority of time), L for Leeeeee x. Although recently L for Leeeeee x has stopped appearing in his videos. Stampy creates a variety of games, attractions, and buildings, all in his 'Lovely World'. Stampy also has a place called the love garden and at the beginning of every video he adds someone to it ,either for doing something unique or making him laugh and smile.

Stampylonghead's official fan page

Stampy Has Appeared On The First Episode Of Gamers Guide To Pretty Much Everything

Trivia Edit

  • On his channel, Stampylongnose, he had a popular series called "Is It Worth It?" as well as Halo videos.
  • He stopped uploading subscriber specials after 1 million, but he made another one for 5 million subscribers,which was just uploaded on the 6th February, 2015.
  • On the second of December 2013 Stampy received an email from google stating that his YouTube channel had been terminated on the grounds that he had broken multiple community guidelines and that he couldn't appeal to the decision. He posted the details of his predicament on Facebook and twitter where he began receiving support for what had happened. Notch tweeted "I don't have any assets at google, so I can't help #savestampy". As the day went on #savestampy reached the top-trending on twitter, Iballisticsquid released a video to the community as a "Call to arms" which included a link to a petition on setup by AmyLee33. By the end of the day Stampy's channel was reinstated and he was let off with a "Through warning". #savestampy was 3rd in the top trending list and AmyLee33's petition reached 6000 signatures. At the end of the day Stampy released a short video titled "Channel Update - Stampy Saved" explaining what had happened and what had been done.
  • He was featured the a YouTube Aniversary video in the thumbnail and part of the 'Gaming' section users alongside with CaptainSparklez and a few others.

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Top 10 Let's Play YouTube ChannelsEdit

Stampy was ranked 10th on Watch Mojo's Top Let's Play YouTube Channels.

Top 10 YouTube Minecraft ChannelsEdit

Stampy was ranked 4th on Watch Mojo's Top YouTube Minecraft Channels.

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