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Steve shives
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Steve Shives is a YouTube user that covers a wide variety of topics. A few examples of these topics would be, current events, comic books, movie reviews, atheism, and conspiracy theories.

Five Stupid Things

One of Steve's most popular series is called Five Stupid Things. In this series, Steve likes to cover topics on conspiracy theories, religion, and comic books. He will pick five things he finds stupid on the subject he is talking about. 

Another series Steve does on Five Stupid Things would be current events. The episodes are usually titled "Five Stupid Things for (date)". In this series, he picks out five things he thinks are stupid in the current news. He usually uploads one of these videos every two weeks.

An Atheist Reads

"An Athiest Reads" is a series where Steve reads religious books, and while he is reading, he gives his opinion on what he just read. He uploads the videos by chapter and the videos are an average to 20-30 minutes long. Most of the books he reads are by Christian apologetics, and he gives his opinion on them from an atheist perspective.

And Now the Good News

On September 25, 2012, Steve started a series called "And Now the Good News". He talks about current events that are good and interesting to hear. The usual topics he covers are politics, science, and equality issues such as gay marraige. 

Riffing on Mail Call

On March 20, 2010, Steve started a series called "Riffing on Mail Call". This is a series where Steve responds to comments written in the "Mail Call" section of the Herald Mail newspaper from Hagerstown, MD.

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