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stevecash83  is a YouTube user. He has created videos of his pets, Sylvester, Gibson (who passed away in 2016), Shelby, Random Kitty and Gibbyson. He makes Talking Kitty videos, which have grown fairly popular. The main characters of the series are Sylvester and Steve. His channel has over 270,000 subscribers. Steve's first video was The Mean(er) Kitty Song,  uploaded in 2007. He has another channel, stevecashblog, is a blog channel. He sometimes uploads Talking Kitty related videos on that channel as well. His blog channel currently has 24,792 subscribers.


Talking Kitty Cat 1 -Wake up kitty!-001:17

Talking Kitty Cat 1 -Wake up kitty!-0

Talking Kitty Cat 32 - The Missing Cheeseburger-204:43

Talking Kitty Cat 32 - The Missing Cheeseburger-2

Boise State Song - If The Broncos Had A Kicker-001:49

Boise State Song - If The Broncos Had A Kicker-0

Perfect Words - Original Song (Steve Cash)-002:33

Perfect Words - Original Song (Steve Cash)-0

Paralyzer Cover (Online Band)-003:26

Paralyzer Cover (Online Band)-0

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