Learn Advanced 1v1 Football Skills The Stepover Zik Zak01:23

Learn Advanced 1v1 Football Skills The Stepover Zik Zak

IMG 2002

Toni-Prince Tvrtkovic & Edward Yaw Owusu.

Stockholm Street Soccer is a group of talented football skillers from the area of Stockholm (Sweden). It is also the name of their YouTube-channel. They usually creates football videos containing "tutorials" that teaches the viewer how to master the tricks.


Stockholm Street Soccer have posted videos on YouTube, with various characters, all the way back since the fall of 2007. The channel was formerly known as TheFreestyleCrew but it was changed to the current name in 2014.


There are several well-known individuals that represents the group. Among the members are Edward Owusu and Simon Tibbling, who has represented the professional top clubs AIK and Djurgårdens IF. They both participated in Stockholm Street Soccer's appreciated anti-bullying video that went viral in Sweden[1].


SSS members Conrad Halling Ibo, Toni Prince Tvrtkovic & Edward Owusu from shooting for the Swedish TV

Conrad Halling Ibo

Conrad Halling Ibo playing football in action

Conrad Halling Ibo ASEC

Conrad Halling Ibo playing with ASEC Mimosas (Ivory Coast)

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