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Drew McGowan (born October 15, 2000) or Known as StorySaysProductions on YouTube was born in Australia.

Drew is a hobbyist Youtuber, Content Producer, Beginner Coder, Basic Graphic Artist and Gamer.

He started his channel in September 2010 and has racked up almost over 600 subscribers and is currently uploading 1 video a week. 

In 2010 he created small animations starting from 2 seconds to

1 minutes, very short, it was just basic training, leading to more bright ideas.

In 2011 He started creating small special effect videos involving explosions, muzzle flashes, lighting and Chroma Keying.

These weren't popular either which lead to Drew "Ending his channel" in 2011, returning in 2012 after watching many videos and gaining experience.

He Launched his channel from 6 - 35 Subscribers, Gaming videos was the main idea, still watching and enjoying lots of gaming videos Drew decided to do a little video for his favourite youtubers, "The Yogscast". The video is called "[Top Moments] The Yogscast" and was uploaded on April 6, 2013 and as of April 2014 has over 120,000 views and has been taking over the channel ever since. Generating 600 subscribers and sending Drew to make montages and has been for over 1 year now.

Drew has created 18 Montages and 167 Videos on his main channel.

Gaming Channel

Drew's Gaming Channel was created in December 2013 and has gained almost 50 subscribers, the idea was to reincarnate the gaming experience and try again, It took 1 WEEK for Drew to gain more than it did in on StorySaysProductions in 3 years.