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Mitchell Straub is pretty well known YouTuber who posts Minecraft Video Gameplay.

Personal Life

StrauberryJam's real name is Mitchell Straub, hence the name StrauberryJam. Straub is currently 20 years old and used to live with with another YouTuber; HeyImBee. A while later, due to the lease on their apartment running up, they both had to move out. Both HeyImBee and Straub have stated that there are no romantic relations between the two of them and that they are just best friends. This was confirmed by HeyImBee in her Draw My Life video.

Straub has a brother named Luke, a mother named Stefanie, and a father named Sven.

Cube SMP

In 2013 StrauberryJam joined a survival Minecraft multiplayer server called The Cube. The main series on his channel was videos of this server.


Straub was caught talking about another Youtuber, ItsKricken, behind her back in a poorly edited video HeyImBee posted in the past. He left The Cube for a long period of time because of this incident. He has apologized and has been forgiven for his actions. He is currently on good terms with everyone on The Cube and will hopefully stay that way.