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SubZeroExtabyte, (Born March 17, 1996 [aged 22]) or Sub for short, is an British YouTuber who creates videos based on the game Minecraft and sometimes Roblox on the main channel. He uses text-to-speech as commentary. He is apart of the collaboration channel, The Pals. He is the only member of The Pals who never shows his face. His YouTube channel is currently at 1.5 million subscribers and 355 million video views.


Since his audience makes up of young children, they often ask these questions listed here:

Why does he not talk?

Sub, like many other YouTubers use the Google robot voice instead of his own voice. The reason is still unknown to why he does it.

Why doesn't he show his face/done a face reveal?

Sub does not show his face because that is what he wants. It is his wish if he wants to show his identity or not. We can't really force him to show his face.

Why does he sound like a robot?

As mentioned above, he uses the Google robot voice.

Who is Sub really?

Unfortunately, we do not know who he is exactly. We also can't find his identity as that is an invasion of privacy. But, let's just consider him as our beloved Sub.


Sub used to collab with YouTubers such as SkyDoesMinecraft and many more. The now collaboration channel, The Pals was Sub's main channel, SubZeroExtabyte. Before the channel name was SubZeroExtabyte, the channel name was MayaToots. He used to make minecraft animations with Sk3tch (Now known as Sketch). After Sk3tch left, the channel revamped to SubZeroExtabyte. After his friends, Denis, Corl, Alex and Flebsy joined Sub, his main channel became a collaboration channel. On July 8, 2016, Sub created his own channel. Sub is the founder of The Pals (along with Sketch).