sudoStef, real name "Stefan" creates anime related content normally in form of analysis. Central themes or subjects addressed on his channel consist of breaking down and analyzing various complicated anime such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Serial Experiments Lain, Ghost in the Shell etc. (with occasional deviation in content consistency)

As of recently, he has privatized all of his videos, including the ones on his side channel "stef_ruvx". He has also deleted his twitter account, his soundcloud, MAL account, his discord server, and any other realated accounts connected to the alias "sudoStef". The reason for this remains unknown.

However a new discord server has been created by his viewers in the absense of Stef himself.

It has been confirmed by his Co-Workers that Stef is safe and wishes that discussion remain offline.

You may visit the new discord server made by the previous servers administrators here and be a part of the community left behind. If there is any further updates, they will most likely will be announced there in the #about text channel.

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