sudoStef, real name "Stefan" creates anime related content normally in form of analysis. Central themes or subjects addressed on his channel consist of breaking down and analyzing various complicated anime such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Serial Experiments Lain, Ghost in the Shell etc. (with occasional deviation in content consistency)

As of June 26th, he has privatized all of his videos, including the ones on his side channel "stef_ruvx". He has also deleted his twitter account, his soundcloud, MAL account, his discord server, and any other realated accounts connected to the alias "sudoStef". The reason for this remains unknown.

It has been confirmed by his Co-Workers that Stef is safe and wishes that discussion remain offline.

There is a downloadable file for most of his old videos along with the thumbnails for them at the bottom of the article.

Discord server  has been made by the previous servers administrators. You can join us and be part of the community left behind. However please be advised we are now a community seperate from Stef even if it was spawned from him. We just like Anime, Manga, Movies and stuff so don't be shy and come say hi!

Link to the server: link

Write up from one of the discord admins;

Stef, formerly known under the alias sudoStef, was a YouTuber who found some success and fame due to his most popular videos dissecting the series Neon Genesis Evangelion and movie End of Evangelion as well as Serial Experiments Lain, and other popular cult hit animated works of the like. His content took these works and dissected and analyzed different aspects and viewpoints based imagery and symbolism beyond the obvious and gained a following of fans that enjoyed his efforts. On Monday June 26th 2017, Stef deleted, deactivated, and otherwise left any and all accounts connected to his former alias with no comment or mention on the decision to do so. It is confirmed by his co workers that Stef is alive and well, however since being in contact with him he has asked that from here and in the future people cease using the term ''sudo to directly be associated with, or refer to him. It is unknown at the time of writing this if Stef will ever return to YouTube or any of his formerly associated accounts. We have no further information and will most likely not receive any more unless Stef himself comes forward someday with a response. Anything else you might have heard/seen is more likley than not a wild rumor. 

A link to a mega file of an incomplete collection of his videos can be found here: Download