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Sugi Jones  (born February 27, 1990 (1990-02-27) [age 27]), known as Sugi Khan or simply just Sugi is a Gamer YouTuber focused on MOBA & Arena Games.


Sugi focuses on exploring different aspects of MOBA Game design and studies & theorizes why certain games where led to their demise. Sugi believes that most companies are not very good with their revenue models and decisions that are keeping them down. Usually gives unorthodox and unpopular opinions. 

Personal life

Sugi has worked with multiple YouTube MCN in the past such as Acifin, Creative Nation,, Bent Pixels, Scalelab and others. Does YouTube as a hobby 


  • Can't stand The Beatles
  • Has extensive understanding of YouTube Networking 
  • Not big fan of the establishment media and the top YouTuber circlejerks and the echo chambers they create and the narratives they are trying to push in general 

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