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SupaNintendoGirl (SNG for short) is a lets player on YouTube that mainly plays retro games on the Super Nintendo. SNG is known for giving her lets plays some serious TLC in the form of humorous edits. She also offers top 10/15s, reviews, Girl on Girl (a gaming news series with co-host and good friend Rabbit Plays Games), and Modern Mondays (where she plays a modern game with a retro feel). She joined the RetroWareTV family in 2015.

She first started uploading videos in May of 2015. Her debut LP series was one of her favorite RPGs of all time, Secret of Mana. She gained popularity though her Contra III: The Alien Wars series as she would occasionally struggle getting past levels in the game with hilarious results. She also has a popular Super Mario World LP series where she portrays the Mario brothers as "salty". She also once played Super Mario Kart with her sister, PrincessRPG.

Personal Life

Due to her pursuing a PhD in clinical psychology, she isn't granted much time or opportunity to post more videos on her channel but when she does, it's done with 100% effort. She's garnered a good following from the gaming community in her channel's first full year.

One thing viewers of her channel will notice instantaneously is SNG's bubbly personality which is further accentuated by the time and devotion she shows towards her fans. In between being an avid gamer, a student, working, and being all around awesome person, she is both quick and generous when responding to her fans on her various social media channels. Her messages are sweet, articulate, and genuine. Watching her videos is an immersive experience because SNG really shows a love and passion for gaming that is both infectious and inspiring. Perhaps the only thing more noticeable than her impressive gaming skills, video production ability, and all around creativity is her trademark smile. She has fun gaming and sharing it with her fans and viewers alike. Outside of the aforementioned cameo by her sister (PrincessRPG in her Super Mario Kart video), SNG also introduced another member of her family in her Clock Tower LP, a delightful cat named Beast.

Humor Style

  • Quirky, self-deprecating, and satirical
  • Known for adding humorous edits into her videos
  • Assigns the main characters in her LPs salty personalities


Title System Status & Playlist Link Date
Secret of Mana SNES Ongoing 3/25/2015
Contra 3: The Alien Wars SNES Complete 04/10/2015
Super Mario World SNES Ongoing 07/05/2015