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Jonathan "J" Carlin (born February 4, 1988) and Ben Carlin are two YouTubers under the alias SuperCarlinBrothers. J uploads a video every Tuesday and Ben uploads a video every Thursday, and all their videos (except Fast Facts) begin with "Hey, brother!" J's videos end with "I will see you in another life, brother" and Ben's end with "I will see you on Tuesday". J's sign off line might be inspired by the line used by the character Desmond Hume in Lost. J is the older of the two.

J married his high school sweetheart Beth on June 27, 2015. J and Beth announced the upcoming birth of their first child on July 18 2017 in a video entitled "How Pixar Almost Deleted Itself" and in several instagram and Facebook posts prior to the YouTube announcement. Their child is now born, after spending weeks in the NICU.

Ben is currently in a relationship with Kayla Tolley and they have a dog called Luna.


J and Ben upload videos occasionally about theories, usually revolving around the Pixar universe. The most popular being the Pixar theory video which has over 7 million views.

Fast Facts

Ben uploads videos on Fast Facts, where he lists fun facts about films, including Pixar, the Harry Potter movies, the Hunger Games movies, and the original Star Wars trilogy. The series was inspired by the videos of Footofaferret.

Google Autofill

J usually uploads videos where he goes to Google and types in a few words (usually the beginning of a question) and Google autofills the rest and J answers with "100%(ish) accuracy". Though J usually uploads the videos, Ben has uploaded three of his own Google Autofill videos.

Loot Crate Unboxing

J and Ben have signed up for Loot Crate, where every month they get geeky and gaming stuff and they open it in front of a camera. J and Ben's younger brother, Tyler, filled in for J in one Loot Crate video, because J was on his honeymoon.

The Carlin Credentials

The SuperCarlinBrothers are 'super qualified'  when it comes to appropriate content.  They never say or do anything inappropriate. 

Super Carlin Sock Club

This is a weekly contest held by J showcasing the best socks of the week sent to him via Instagram and #Supercarlinsockclub. The winner's socks are showcased at the end of J's video on Tuesday.

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