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Edward Vilderman (born February 8, 1986 (1986-02-08) [age 32]) known as SuperEd86 is a YouTube based comedian who makes bizarre comedy videos in his spare time.

He has been on YouTube since 2006 and is still active, releasing a video every week . Most of his earliest videos were video collages in a long running series called "THE MOST RANDOM VIDEO ON YOUTUBE EVER!!!" which has been known to briefly feature guest appearances from now-famous YouTubers such as Makemebad35 and Toby Turner. Ed is also an amateur photographer and posts many of his pictures on Instagram.


A few words to describe Ed's material would be: Wacky, Unapologetically Immature, Demented, Surreal, Psychotic and at times Beautifully Profound. In one of his most recent uploads, he plays the role of a murderer who tells you that the best way to get away with murder is to become a cop. If you don't find that funny, Ed's comedy style may not be for you. The majority of Ed's videos are either pure insanity from start to finish, or seemingly tame but with a "that escalated quickly" type ending. Different types of his videos include music videos, short sketch comedy compilations, comedy sketches first disguised as serious inspirational videos, "serious" documentaries, How To videos that give horrible advice, and general tomfoolery. He is known by many as the creator of a video that spawned many vloggers playing the same game, where he says a bunch of rather long and nonsensical sentences that he is certain has never been said by anyone else in the world, ever. Ed's videos are often complemented on the excellent and above-average camera quality and cinematography. His two most popular videos are MY PEE PEE (over 4 million views)and SERIOUS BUSINESS (Over 1 million views.) In MY PEE PEE, Ed sings about his genitals in front of a green screen that flashes multiple colors while he flaps his wiener (covered by a giant black box) to and fro. As ridiculous as this 30 second video is, it's catchyness and odd charm gave this video over 30,000 likes and only 3,000 dislikes. SERIOUS BUSINESS is another music video starring Ed wearing gangsta type clothing in a back alley. When the audience is ready for him to deliver some hardcore rapping, he instead trolls everyone by only making chicken noises in a rapping fashion, similar to his character MC Gibberi$h, who raps in an extremely incoherent manner, making it fun for YouTube commenters to submit their "lyrics" based on what they think MC Gibberi$h is saying. Ed portrays a large variety of original characters, most notably deranged murderers, special ed kids, Jews, and people going through mental breakdowns.

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