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Super Coin Crew is a YouTube channel officially sponsored by Nintendo. The channel features Let's Plays, showcases Nintendo products, and brings 107 facts about various Nintendo properties. The hosts of the channel are named Nicky and Cade.


107 Facts

Nicky and Cade list 107 facts about various Nintendo games. There are, however, two "107 Facts" videos that don't list 107 facts about a game, with those videos being "107 Facts About Nintendo Amiibo" and "107 Facts About Nintendo's Princess Peach."

Nintendo Lists

In this video series, Nicky and Cade pick a topic and list a number of things about that topic.


This video series analyzes the stats of each weapon in Splatoon. The six stats that are analyzed are: ink tank, coverage, damage, ability stats, sub-weapon, and special.


Nicky and Cade play various Nintendo games, with the games they play most being Splatoon and Super Mario Maker.

Awesome Nintendo Stuff

In this video series, Nicky and Cade unbox and review various Nintendo products.