Super Eyepatch Wolf is a male YouTuber who does analytical-style videos on primarily anime, but very occasionally manga and video games.  His primary series is Why You Should Watch.  


Anime Videos

Why You Should Watch/Read

Why You Should Watch
  1. Hunter X Hunter 2011
  2. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
  3. Hajime no Ippo
Why You Should Read
  1. (The Genius of) Dragon Ball
Why You Should Watch/Read
  1. Berserk

Let's Talk

  1. Mugaisen no Phantom World

Other Anime Videos

  1. Berserk 2016:  What The Hell Happened?  
  2. Thei Fall of BLEACH:  How It Happened
  3. My Bleach Video is Back
  4. How Media Scares Us:  The Work of Junji Ito

Gaming Videos

Why You Should Play

  1. Silent Hill 2


Let's Fight a Boss Podcast

Let's Fight a Boss is a Podcast that Super Eyepatch Wolf does with his friends where they discuss all manner of anime and video game things.  

The Weekly Weebcast


  1. Jojo's Bizarre Weebcast ft. Super Eyepatch Wolf, Woolie, Antfish and Truongasm
  2. Spring 2017 Anime Impressions - Weebcast with Super Eyepatch Wolf and RSSLiam


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