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a Screen Shot of Eric (Grey) and Alex (White) from Cholo Adventures 2
Profile: SupereeeGO
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Style: Comedy
Date Joined: January 04, 2008
Date Shut Down: N/A
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Status: Active
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About Users

Real name Eric G. Ochoa is a Comedian/Actor best known for his eGO the Cholo Character and his Cholo Adventure Series

Cholo Adventures

Eric Started a Cholo Character by The Name of eGO the Cholo, on his Former ShakinMyD Account, the Cholo Character appeared in Various Videos, until Eric decided to make an account by the Name of SupereeeGO Bringing his Cholo Character with him. On June 06, 2008 he Uploaded his First Cholo Video to his New Account Titled How to be a Cholo and a Month Later on July 02, 2008 How to Fight Which Introduced his Sidekick Sleepy Brown Played by Alejandro "Alex" Arredondo. on September 16, 2008 he Uploaded the First of Many Cholo Adventures which was very successful spawning a Series Known as Cholo Adventures.

The Definition of a Cholo

For those of you who Don't Know a "Cholo" is a Hispanic Gangster mostly found in Urban Areas with a large Hispanic Community.

Meaning behind his YouTube User Name

The Reason he Chose SupereeeGO as his Username is because The Letters "E" "G" "O" are his Initials, his name being Eric G. Ochoa. He Also stated that his username was going to be SupereGO, But it was Taken so he Chose SupereeGO, but that was also taken until finaly settling with SupereeeGO.


On November 25, 2009 he Opened his Second account Known as MyAltereeeGO in Which he began to Upload videos in which he felt shouldn't go on his Main Account (Vlogs, Behind The Scenes, Bloopers, Music, Ect.) He Even Stated:

"MyaltereeeGO is my second channel, where i will have extra behind the scene footage like outtakes and bloopers to Cholo Adventures and Random Weekly videos of the things that go on in my Personal Life.. a place where you will get to know me (eGO) a whole lot BETTER. I'm EVEN going to DO music on this PAGE!!! =)WOO!" - Eric, From his My AltereeeGO Account


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