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The superman theme is the first movie spoof song from Goldentusk. It is a very popular video, and has had over 4, 500, 000 views.

No longer am I just a man I’m only go by Superman You look at me as just a guy but I hide deep inside I can fly I’m super strong and i know the difference between right and wrong see through everything unless its made of melt kryptonite is the only thing is dreight I can go on all day I am the man just a about everyday for true justice and the American way and I never get Superman just how it sound I’m a superman just making my round and i will save you cause that’s what braved you im knowed as the man of steel with a heart of gold Superman its just how it sounds my secret identity must never be found i just need a abounded street with a free district where i can turn into the man people want me to be And i know that you can see my underwear and you can joke about it all you want i really dont care And i know that everyone if giving the change we could skip in hearts what will up my pants and i know that wearing tights is kind a gay but the ladys seem to like it better that way and I know that everyone is jealousy of me And I die even superman I can make it from deep space by all those costuments flying around all over the place Now is superman and its because I’ve been taking the case and I am invincible I’m unstoppable I am unbeatable or at least that the will we will see (ask lex luthor) look up in the sky that you plan you cannot relive superman why up the death while I’m there when it doubt you shops . I want to relax so I can come to my world recruit let me be a beech fortress of solitude and my love for miss Abigail is a love that I can’t contain and it’s hard to not leave a trace but you think with that... in case of a emergency with a emergency she lost the memory with a kiss from me I’m a superman just how it sound and I can leap a bulding in a single bound I’m your savior I’m a good-behavior and every night and again I got to let loose thats a the inristuluses of being the above superhero and i thought i should tell hearts of a place no way to complace superman If I weren't here, Earth would fall I would bet all of you would be so Screwed! but I continue best I can only because I’m superman as I’m always are here I will try super respect Spartech I’m more than just a man I am a superman I am superman I am superman I am superman And I won’t be done, Till the war is on, And how everyone, And all the tastes stand up, Just speak remind able, mindful ,behind able to the race of man live........NOW!!!!

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