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TEamDEmoCLan is YouTube channel consisting of three friends Sam Hughes (TDC VORT3X), Alex Marshall (TDC Desertsheep) and Rhys Rasmussen (TDC TOX1C).

Between the three of them they have posted nearly 100 videos and have over 450K views. Sam and Alex are both well known in the skate 3 community for finding the majority of the glitchs in this game. Sam is also a director to the channel Th3ultimategaming and he is currently self teaching Cinema 4D and UDK


As stated before the trio have released nearly 100 videos, most notably are the skate 3 and Halo videos which make up two thirds of the channel's total view count.


Currently there are many projects which are needed to be finished, most notably are, Fear The Fin a skate 3 minitage video and the second Black Ops and Halo Reach montages.

Another project has also been planned invloving UDK 3 and 3Ds Max / Cinema 4D this will involve an invasion of creepers (one of the hostile mobs from minecraft) and multiple green screen effects to create an intense battle scene.

Cancelled Videos

Cancelled Before Upload

Many projects have been cancelled, most notably are; The Halo 3 sticktage, The Hiding spots of MW2 and a complete lets play of Halo 1, 2 and 3. As well as many Gears of War 2 machinimas

Removed Videos

Some videos unfortunatly had to be removed from the channel, these were mainly scrapped projects or videos with errors, the main culprate was of cause using third party audio.