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TIN Gaming (previously named The Ignis Network) is a group of friends that try to redifine gaming channels. They attempt to break the format of just talking over game footage. They have a series of shows, Tips & TricksBored GamesGlitch Guides and of course, Tournaments The founders of the Ignis Network are Tyler, Seth, Jared, and Payton. The rest of the gang appeared in the first tournament, Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

They do occasionally do a traditional "Let's Play", but only if they're knowledgeable about the game. There's nothing they hate more than an inexperienced person doing a play-through.

Their slogan is "We play ALL kinds of games" meaning, they play every genre. This is what they specialize in. They have so many people with lots of experience.

They've been making gaming videos since 2009, but they keep the old channel name a secret because of how embarrassing it is. They said they leave clues in their videos to hint towards their old channel. The main team are the only ones who know.

Growing Success

Their first popular video was Super Smash Bros. Brawl TOURNAMENT. It quickly grew in views, but then gradually slowed down as time went on. Their second successful video was LBP2 Community 5. At this point, they realized LittleBigPlanet had a strong fanbase. They decided to primarily focus on this game when the video hit 50,000 views. In summer of 2013, they shortened their name from "The Ignis Network" to TIN.
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