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TOM SHUFFLE GAMING (previously ShuffleLP, real name Tom Krüger) was born on the 30th of September 1994 in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany and is a German gaming YouTuber with about 1 Million subscribers. He currently resides in Hamburg, Germany.


Shuffe uploads relatively irregularly. A large amount of his content focuses on gaming, mostly videos about the sandbox game Minecraft. He produces most of his content alone, he does however produce some of his series with other people.


  • Minecraft Lucky Blocks Battle (previously with Der Hardi, currently with Denotin)
  • Minecraft Mod Reviews
  • Minecraft Adventuremaps
  • Who's Your Daddy (with Der Hardi)
  • Garry's Mod (with Denotin)
  • Some Videos of other games

(Last Checked: June 2017)


  • Tom has completed the Abitur, the highest German school degree
  • He drives a BMW 1 Series
  • He works in event management


He usually uses music by the following artists in his videos:

  • DJ Roc (e.g. Smile for Me, Teach me how to Shuffle)
  • Incompetech / Kevin MacLeod (e.g. Call to Adventure, Monkeys Spinning Monkeys)

He also uses music from "Animal Crossing".


ShuffleLP+ was a secondary channel created by Tom (ShuffleLP at that point) on the 4th of May 2012. It was to focus on gaming content from games other than Minecraft. The channel was however closed after just three videos due to a lack of time and interest.