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Nikola Mladenović or his YouTube channel TalkTimeShowSaNikolom is a Serbian YouTuber, who was popular until he made a video where he said that YouTubers from Balkans became boring with the same type of videos, but he was actually the one who copied the ideas from the other channels.


TTSSN just started making interviews with popular Serbian YouTubers: Nixa Zizu, Mudja, SerbianGamesBL, Yasserstain... After he started making vlogging videos, he had a lot of support until he made a video called:SMORILI STE !, which he removed. After he made the video he went into a war with EdinCreations.

TTSSN vs. Edin Creations

In July 16, 2014 Edin made a video where he said that Nikola is an idiot, because he made the video called: 'Smorili ste' (or 'You Are So Boring') where he spoke about too many videos with same style and point and said a lot of bad stuff about many YouTubers, not including Edin. The reason why Edin did this, is because Nikola was actually the one who made the videos which are already made by a lot of other people, so Nikola fell into a fight with him, and other YouTubers helped Edin to defeat Nikola by supporting him and turning against Nikola. That's when Nikola's YouTube career went upside-down.

New Channels

Nikola knew that he will get a lot of hate because he did what he did, so he made a new YouTube channel called: NABIS, but he still gets a lot of hate.