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Welcome, to the Filthy Frank show. If you're feeling suicidal, you've come to the right place. Cause I wanna fucking kill myself as well. Fuck you! I hate all of you!


George "Joji" Kusunoki-Miller (born September 18, 1992 (1992-09-18) [age 25]) known by his retired YouTube username TVFilthyFrank is a Japanese-Australian YouTuber who is known for his controversial comedy content.

YouTube Career

He is known for starting the [1] Harlem Shake. Filthy Frank's videos were known to push the extremes of YouTube, with such videos as "VOMIT CAKE ", "WORST ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVIST ", and "RAT CHEF ". Most of his videos ended with a popular catchphrase "Let's get some pussy tonight." followed by usually a suggestive picture. Filthy Frank has his own unofficial wiki. He also has a secondary channel called TooDamnFilthy.

FilthyFrank often made videos with fellow YouTubers iDubbbz and maxmoefoe.


On May 3, 2014, Frank uploaded a video to the DizastaMusic channel where he breaks character and reveals he has a brain condition that gives him seizures when stressed and must slow down on the show. The video was privatized, but can be found here.


Miller announced on December 29th 2017 in a tweet on his character's account that his online persona as Filthy Frank and Pink Guy has quit and the channel and his comedy career have retired. The reasons for this being: 1) health problems (Miller has damaged throat tissue which is actually ironic seems his character claims to get throat cancer and doing the voice impression actually led to similar damage, and gets seizures from doing both characters). 2) He no longer enjoys producing comedy. This has been said numerous times before but the fans seemingly didn't care about Joji's personal life. This official statement is the first time the majority of his fanbase respected his decisions. Miller's career has now completely moved on to music, in which he goes by the stage name Joji, and makes songs about heartache and other things.


  • He went to college in New York.
  • Despite FilthyFrank's videos appearing to be mostly random there is a story connecting most of them. However it's not obvious and in order to get the story viewers would have to watch them in a certain order, and to pay attention to the events in each video.
  • An official book based on the Filthy Frank show written by Miller himself was released in late 2017, and was the main focus of his last video. It isn't known whether the book is canon to the FilthyFrank lore, as it contradicts events that happened in the videos.