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Tana Mongeau (born June 24, 1998 (1998-06-24) [age 18]) is an American YouTuber from Las Vegas, Nevada. Tana is mainly known for her Story Time and rant videos. She has a boyfriend named Somer, his nickname is "pet nut". Tana's catch phrase is "WHAT DO YOU MEAAANNNN???","Bleach and Tone" (her HAIRDRESSER FROM HELL story) and she also calls herself and others a shrub.

She joined in April 30, 2015 and quickly gained subscribers. Her fast rising channel contains videos like story times, pet peeves, reacting to hate comments, trying foreign foods and more. She has collabed with other Youtubers such as Jonah Green, Cody Ko, Polina Beregova, Channon Rose, Ricky Dillion and more.

Her childhood was rough. She has spoken about the constant fighting in her household. She also had a stalker that started stalking her when she in 2nd grade and may or may not still be stalking her. Tana has sent him to jail, but he is out and she thinks he broke into her old house. Growing up in Las Vegas exposed her to parties, drugs and alcohol at a very young age. She had her first drink at a party when she was in 8th grade. Her first time smoking weed was at the age of 14 (which ended badly). Growing up she also had to deal with extreme nose bleeds. They are so bad they would come out of her eyes, ears, etc. She has gotten a procedure done to help, but it wasn't 100% effective.

Now Tana is extremely successful. She has over 1.3 million subscribers on Youtube, 577k followers on Instagram and 251k followers on Twitter. She has gone to Beauty Con and VidCon to meet her fans. Soon she will be going on tour! Vote on her WeDemand page to get her to come to your city [ ☀ ]

She also has merch out which features t-shirts, crop tops, beanies, phone cases and more: ☀

Tana is also starting a collab channel with her fans! Fans submit 2 minute videos to this email: to get a chance to be apart of the channel. Her goal is to find more people that are "funny, real and that are unspoken like me" (Tana Mongeau "MOST LIT ANNOUNCEMENT VIDEO EVERRRRRRRRRRR") a chance to blow up and become huge.

Tana Mongeau is extremely honest and truly loves her fans. Her time and dedication to make her fans happy is truly inspiring. She is constantly talking with them on social media and always updating them on her life.

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