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Jonathan C., or Minecrafthunt, also known as JonathanCraft and TankiHunt, is an avid video game player, based in Canada....

Gameplay Series(Alphabetical Order)

  • Minecraft: A very skilled redstone contraption designer, he generally showcases videos of his work, and more often than not includes tutorials for them.
  • Starcraft 2: Roams the North American server in ranked matches, generally with a friend or two.
  • Tanki Online: His most commonly recorded game, Tankionline is also where his current channel name, 'TankiHunt', is derived from. Known ingame as JonathanC.

Associations(Alphabetical Order)

  • Kimiyosis: A fellow avid video game player and off-site friend, and the one who inducted Minecrafthunt into his three main games, along with the YouTube community.
  • Super Bauklau: Another fellow gamer and off-site friend, generally the one who co-ops with Minecrafthunt in gameplays.


  • The name 'minecrafthunt', was actually created during the rise of the 'Herobrine' hype within Minecraft. This was where the name came from, with Minecraft and Hunt being dropped side by side.
  • Originally, the channel started with two people, Jonathan and Chris, during the first two videos, however the latter split off to create videos for his own channel.