Tanner Fox (b. December 22, 1999) is an American YouTube celebrity. He is mainly known for his vlogs, where he broadcasts his daily life experiences. 

He published his first video on September 9, 2011, titled "district v2 deck snap!!!!" His most popular video is titled "INSANE 7 YEAR OLD HOVERBOARD TRICKS AT THE SKATEPARK!" This video went viral, having over 20,338,360 views as of April 6, 2017. 


Tanner is a professional stunt scooter rider and demonstrated his amazing skills on YouTube, giving him more than 4.4 million subscribers. He created several video styles such as vlogging, tours, fails, "Doing Your Dares", challenges, and more.


Tanner Fox was born on December 22, 1999 and grew up in San Diego, California. He grew up with his parents and his sister named Lindsay. Throughout his life, he has practiced using scooters, hoverboards, skateboards, etc. 

On October 21, 2015, Tanner uploaded a video to YouTube which gained more than 20 million views and many subscribers. [1]

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