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Taylor Davis (born on March 20, 1987 (1987-03-20) [age 31]), also known as ViolinTay, is a female violinist from Los Angeles, California, who uploads violine covers of soundtrack songs from anime, video games, and films.  She's fairly popular and does live concerts all the time; she even has a list of upcoming tour dates on her website.  Taylor Davis also has another channel called Taylor Davis - Behind the Scenes, in 2015, in which she uploads videos about herself, tutorials, and other random stuff, too.  


Taylor Davis is a classically trained American violinist, arranger, and composer, whose passion for vidoe games, film, and anime, led her to launch her widely popular YouTube Channel "ViolinTay" in 2011.  As of summer 2015, Davis' channel has attracted over 900,000 subscribers and over 130,000 million video views.  The majority of her cover videos feature a wide variety of video game, film, and anime themes.  Davis has recently begun releasing her own original music starting with her first single "Nebulous" in July, 2013, and released a full album of original music on February, 2015.  Davis has released 5 full length video game, anime, and film cover albums, a full length Christmas album, and over 20 singles.  Davis arranged and produced all of the full orchestrated backtracks that accompanied her violin solos for her first 3 albums.  She now collaborates with other producers and arrangers on many projects but also continues to fully produce some of her own music.  

Besides uploading new videos regularly on her YouTube channel, Davis has also been hired to perform violin solos on soundtracks in the video game industry and can be heard most recently as the violin soloist for "The Banner Saga" composed by Grammy-Nominated Composer Austin Wintory.  Davis has also performed live at a number of unique events ranging from the E3 Expo, to performing in London and New York and part of the Titanic II global press launch, as well as at other video game industry conventions and events.  In April and September 2014, she performed a series of her own live shows across the United States and plans to continue performing live in 2015.  She began studying the violin at age 8 and continued her classical training throughout college where she graduated magna cum laude in 2009 from Gonzaga University with a degree in Public Relations and a minor in Violin Performance.